Choosing Your Europe Journey
Europe is so huge and incredibly diverse, anybody who sets out ‘to do Europe’ will quickly realise, through a fog of exhaustion, that you need several lifetimes to even scratch the surface.


Having successfully completed an introductory Grand Tour however, many people decide that to really enjoy and get the most from a European holiday it is best to focus on a region, like the Mediterranean, or a country, like Italy, or perhaps even a village where you rent a villa and just be. It may seem counter-intuitive, but very often, when you are travelling, less is more.

Around The Sun thinks the most interesting countries are where cultures collide. These collisions create conflict, but they also create a dynamic, creative and fascinating cultural response.

The south of Italy and Sicily has experienced waves of conquerors and these regions therefore bring together elements of Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Norman, Saracen, and Spanish architecture, cuisine and culture… In the south of Spain, Christianity and Islam met - creating the fabulous architecture in Granada and Cordoba and unique cuisine and music (most obviously, flamenco).

For Australians, for whom holiday and beach are synonymous, Mediterranean destinations have to be on the bucket list. It’s true that Australian surf beaches are hard to beat – for surf – but if what you want is crystal-clear, warm (but not too warm!) water, spectacular coastal scenery, amazing food and brilliant people-watching – the Italian coast is hard to beat. And the best time to go? In June and September the crowds dissipate and you still get 25 to 30 degrees every day!

If you’re returning to Europe, chances are you’ll have some firm ideas about what you want to do. If you’re interested in Italy (and, soon, Spain) Around The Sun – and all our experts - will be pleased to talk to talk to you if you want to bounce around some ideas. 

For general information about European destinations you still can’t go past, Richard’s alma mater, although the company is now owned by a US millionaire!

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If you were only allowed to go to one European country in your life, the choice would be clear: Italy.

You want mountains? The Italian Alps are truly superb. You want lakes? The Italian lakes are fairy-tale perfect. You want history? You can’t go past Rome. You want art and architecture? How about Florence and Venice? You want food, history and drama? You have to visit Naples. You want knockout coastal scenery? Don’t miss the Amalfi Coast. You want wine. Tuscany. The list goes on.

And you can walk, ride, swim, eat, drink, ski, sail, shop – or just sit and watch. Or, even better, you can eat, drink, sit and watch all at the same time – an Around The Sun favourite!


The Spanish Empire rivalled the British Empire and much of South and Central America still looks to Spain in much the same way Commonwealth countries look to Britain. It remains a cultural powerhouse, and its architectural and cultural heritage is remarkable.

Spain is a big country, and there's a lot to see. With the Alps in the north, the Basque country and the Atlantic Coast in the north-west, the resorts of the Mediterranean coast, and amazing cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Granada it's another country that you can't hope to cover in one short trip. 

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Hike, Bike & Eat in Croatia
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Type of Tour:Private Guided Tour
Experience: Hike, Bike, gourmet food & wine
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