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Expert Leader?
Around The Sun is looking for expert leaders to help lead special interest trips in Europe, India, South-East Asia and Africa.

If you are a passionate expert  - and if you like to travel and to share your knowledge - please contact Around The Sun to investigate the feasibility of developing your own special interest trip.

Around The Sun designs special-interest tours with help from carefully-chosen expert practitioners and teachers who then go on to lead the tours. The tours cover a wide variety of activities and interests - from wine to language and culture, from textiles to horse riding, from yoga to .... The list goes on!

With your expert input Around The Sun will develop an itinerary that you - and your friends, customers and students - will absolutely love.

You bring your enthusiasm, knowledge, and contacts to the table. Around The Sun brings its logistical capabilities to the table.

You build your profile, offer your database a valuable opportunity, have a fantastic trip, and make money with a generous success fee.

And Around The Sun sells outstanding Expert Leader / Special Interest tours that introduce its travellers to ... an ancient weaving atelier in Florence, a yoga studio in Bali, a stable of Tibetan horses in Mustang, ocean paddling in the Palawan islands, a hands-on cooking lesson in Bologna, a screen-printing workshop in the courtyard of a Tuscan villa, or meditating in the Himalayas...

Around The Sun's expert-led, special-interest tours run with 12 to 18 like-minded passengers. We use luxury small buses, stay in character-full small hotels and villas, and eat at the best local restaurants (where the locals eat!). Our expert leaders are fully supported by local guides and drivers - so you can concentrate on what you know and love without having to worry about day-to-day logistics. 

Around The Sun is looking for experts in the following areas: 

  • food and cooking

  • wine

  • arts and crafts (including textiles, photography, painting)

  • culture 

  • language

  • spiritual pathways (and pilgrimages)

  • wellness practices (and pampering) 

  • ocean paddling

  • cycling

  • nature and wildlife

  • history and architecture

  • surfing

  • and ....

To get the ball rolling, contact Around The Sun now!

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