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The internet is great – but we love paper (stone - not so much)!

You’ll find current Around The Sun brochures listed below. Click on them to download them - then print them, email them, read them, give them away… and then contact Around The Sun.

If you’re looking for a private journey (using one of the ATS itineraries but travelling with your own group) or a custom trip where you not only choose who you travel with, but your own special itinerary – we can make it happen.


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All ATS itineraries can be run for private groups or adapted to meet your interests.

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Congratulations on finding Around The Sun! We’d love to talk to you about your next holiday adventure.

Around The Sun trips are based on the expertise and knowledge of Richard Everist and Lucrezia Migliore – and the expertise and services of a select group of friends who operate the best tour companies in the world.

Around The Sun showcases a careful selection of small group trips (with guides and expert leaders), and we design customised private journeys (both guided and self-guided).

All our suggested itineraries can be run privately, or customised, so the departure dates and itineraries completely suit you. Many of our itineraries can be adapted for those who wish to to travel completely independently. See Create Your Own Journey.