Private or Small Group?
Private or Small Group?
The advantage of a small group tour is that you travel with a small group of people who, because they have chosen the same trip, obviously share common interests. You're all in the same boat! 

A small group guided trip is a great way to meet people, and sharing experiences with new friends adds an extra dimension to the journey. Small group guided trips run with set departures, and generally have between 8 and 10 participants. The guides are locals who know how to make your trip hassle-free (well, as hassle free as possible!) and take you off the beaten track.

A number of Around The Sun’s tours are led by experts, including Around The Sun's very own Richard Everist and Lucrezia Migliore. Tours led by Richard and Lucrezia give travellers an opportunity to enjoy Richard's and Lucrezia's extraordinary expertise. On her trips to Spain and Italy, Lucrezia offers free language tuition. On his trips to the Himalaya and other wild corners of the world, Richard offers feedback and advice on travel writing and photography.

Around The Sun also works with other carefully-chosen expert practitioners and teachers in a wide variety of activities and interests - from wine, to textiles, to horse riding, to yoga... The list goes on! All our experts bring their enthusiasm, knowledge, experience and extensive contacts to the tours they run. The number of participants on expert-led, special interest tours generally range between 10 and 18.

All expert leaders are fully supported by local guides and drivers - so the experts can concentrate on what they know and love - and you.

One of the main reasons the on-ground tour companies chosen by Around The Sun are considered the best in the world is because of the quality of their guides. Great guides are interesting, knowledgeable, energetic locals - and perfect travel companions. Great guides not only make travel as smooth and relaxing as possible, but they interpret and explain the culture you are visiting, and introduce you to local people.

On the other hand, few things can compare with the joy of a private trip where you can share travel experiences with old friends and family. 

Every Around The Sun itinerary can be run privately and/or customised. The larger the number of participants, the more cost effective a private trip can be. Two people will be more expensive than a small group trip on a per person basis, but by the time you get to six or eight people the prices are comparable.

Sometimes the best answer to an either/or question is both! Perhaps you’ll start off with a small-group tour, then add on a private trip with some friends - and finish by staying in a private villa!

Our job is to organise the most appropriate logistics and to create the ultimate combination of experiences. The goal is to make each Around The Sun journey the trip of a lifetime.

We have the knowledge and the resources to make your dreams come true. Put us to the test by filling out the questionnaire on the Create Your Journey, or just drop us a line!

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Around The Sun trips are based on the expertise and knowledge of Richard Everist and Lucrezia Migliore – and the expertise and services of a select group of friends who operate the best tour companies in the world.

Around The Sun showcases a careful selection of small group trips (with guides and expert leaders), and we design customised private journeys (both guided and self-guided).

All our suggested itineraries can be run privately, or customised, so the departure dates and itineraries completely suit you. Many of our itineraries can be adapted for those who wish to to travel completely independently. See Create Your Own Journey.