We cannot speak more highly of the way our Italy tour was prepared. The attention to detail was spot on. Our car drivers and local guides throughout the tour were very professional. We enjoyed their company, and their English was very good. Their knowledge of the surrounding countryside or city environment provided us with such interesting historical facts and pastoral details. It was to our advantage having a private tour arranged, for our local and specialist guides took us to places where large groups don’t, or can’t, go. Ciao and best wishes, your business will be highly recommended by us.

Jenny and Tony

Torquay, Victoria, Australia

I and several close friends undertook an Around The Sun trek through the Upper Mustang region of Nepal. The trip was a fascinating and life enhancing experience. The complete professional organisation and leadership of Richard Everist and Stan Armington was remarkably supported by a crew of 20 Nepalis and their freakishly foot-sure ponies and pack horses. It is a privilege to visit such stunning environments and communities, but to be able to do so with thoughtful and detailed support every step of the way; always feeling safe, well fed and cared for not only enhanced the remarkable nature of the trip, but it never overtook the sheer stunning glory of remote Nepal. Put a trek like this on your must-do list. Bloody gob smacking."


Highton, Victoria, Australia

The Around the Sun trek I did through Mustang was a terrific experience and one of the best holidays I’ve ever had. I’ve trekked a couple of times before in Nepal, but the Mustang trek was outstanding due to the remoteness of the areas we visited, the insight and access we gained to the area’s history and culture, the stunning scenery and the wonderful way it was organised. The support crew couldn’t do enough for you, the food was great, the guides were knowledgeable, we camped in amazing locations and the use of horses made even the travelling easy. This was 5 star trekking! I’d happily repeat the experience or try another of the Around the Sun’s trips.


Williamstown, Australia

I first found out about Around the Sun Travel by word of mouth. Well I wasn't disappointed. It offered everything I had been looking for. I had been trying to find more about travel to the northern Nepalese area of Mustang. After touching base with Richard of Around the Sun the rest became history. Richard and Lucrezia's company offered several tours of the Mustang area (One of lots of travel tours that they offer) one of which suited me to a tee. Richard was very helpful answering many, many questions, helping with bookings etc.

Finally the day arrived when we flew out to Mustang via Kathmandu then Pokhara. Everything went well and the adventure to Mustang and back was one of the most unforgettable journeys I have ever had. I felt so privileged to be a part of this very personal journey. The memories and the friendships established hopefully will last a life time.


Central Victoria, Australia

In September 2011, I embarked on a 20-day expedition through Upper Mustang to Lo Manthang, a northern Nepalese town in an untouched corner of the Tibetan plateau. Around The Sun gathered together 5 guests (of which I was one), 3 guides, a monk and a crew of 19 Nepalis, 9 ponies and 7 mules. Every day we rose with the sun, packed up the campsite, breakfasted and headed into the desert. We climbed monstrous mountains, traversed crystal streams and bonded with our steadfast ponies. We had tea with nomads and the King of Mustang. We visited monasteries and remote primary schools, had sittings with Monks and collected 65 million-year-old shell fossils from riverbeds.

Yaks, goats, prayer wheels and flags were our totems and the playful crew, our wise and generous guides, the animals under their care and ourselves, quickly became an integrated community: self-sufficient and mobile.

As the days progressed, the spectacular immensity of the raw and ancient landscape enveloped my urbanized being and melted away my contemporary concerns. The trek became a physical, emotional and spiritual meditation that opened me up and allowed me to find pleasure in every moment.

Stan, Richard and Tenzin ‘s understanding of the landscape, history, politics and religion of the region was a gift. I felt privileged to be given such insight into the Tibetan culture and welcomed by the warm hospitality of everyone we met. The organization of the campsite, cooking of meals and the daily movements of such a large convoy was faultless. It was efficient, yet flexible, intimate and sensitive to the environment and us.

I loved every moment of it.

Around The Sun created an extraordinary adventure to a land beyond time and it stayed with me in a strongly visceral sense long after my return to Australia.


Melbourne, Australia

I recently visited Australia for the first time. The most joyful part of the trip was the 2-day tour of the Great Ocean Road and Twelve Apostles with the ATS!

There are so many reasons I would recommend ATS and the Great Ocean Road tour to anyone who would like to visit Australia! Digby of ATS was so friendly, knowledgeable, fun and patient guide who efficiently arranged the whole trip, including transport from/to my hotel in Melbourne.

Richard Everist and Digby Williamson set a completely customized, individual tour for me. They simply personalize the tour to meet your particular interests and leave enough flexibility and time for you to enjoy visiting spectacular locations along the road. Interesting history, stunning ocean scenery, peaceful rainforest walks, koalas, kangaroos and birds in the wild, and the majestic Twelve Apostles were unforgettable. I couldn't have asked for anything better!


Stockholm, Sweden

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